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Review – Kim Son Cafe

RSP and I got a groupon to Kim Son Cafe, it’s right by my office and convenient. Kim Son has 3 locations I believe – Energy Corridor, The Woodlands & Memorial. Around the Energy Corridor there’s been a bunch of “Asian” places popping up lately. I’ve tried to hit up the Vietnamese ones when I can. It’s hard to do so when I pack most of my lunches, and I have to admit I have eaten at both Nom Nom Noodles & Pho Basil but those are a blog for another time; mainly when I get photos to go with. Haha

Anywho, I digress..

Kim Son Cafe, full disclosure, I feel caters to “Americans”. Looking at the prices compared to the portion that’s given, I think a lot of Vietnamese would agree. Not hating on Kim Son, I mean we all gotta make a dollar, but I’m just saying. It’s in a predominantly white area stepping stones away from the energy corridor where there are a lot of Oil & Gas people looking for a good meal.

My coworker and I once had this debate, I said I felt 10 dollars was more than enough for a meal meaning that’d be the maximum I pay for a meal, however he begged to differ. He thought paying 10 bucks for a meal was a steal. To which I answered “and THAT sir is why you’ll always pay for my meal.” See how I did that? It Works! I also have the same deal with J.

So last Thursday RSP and I went on a lunch date to Kim Son Cafe, Groupon in hand. It was a $15 dollar groupon for $30 dollars worth of food. At Kim Son, this meant 1 appetizer, 2 dishes and a soda for RSP.

Before I get into my review fully, I have to say here and now that Mi Xao Don is my utmost favorite dish of all time. If you look up my yelp info you’ll even see it written there under “last meal on earth”. No Lie. We actually ate it again twice last week!

Homemade Mi Xao Don

Saving the homemade version of mi xao don for another blog. You’ll see why when I post it.

So anyways, I chose, since we were getting fancy with the more than $10 dollar dishes, Mi Xao Don. What Kim Son called Shanghai Crispy noodles.

From Kim Son’s menu:

Shanghai Crispy Egg Noodles
Crispy egg noodles topped with shrimp,
chicken, squid, beef & assorted vegetables
sauteed in brown sauce.

So literally “mi xao don” means “crispy fried noodles”. This dish uses an egg noodle base that’s deep fried crispy then topped with stir-fry. The stir-fry is typically concocted of vegetables and meat. Most dishes will have a little bit of seafood, beef, and chicken  and a lot of veggies. The bulk of the price is the seafood part I think. I love the veggies though, that’s the best part.

Kim Son's mi xao don

Kim Son’s mi xao don

This is it.

I loved every bit of it, even the bowl.  If you’ll notice the layering, crispy noodles on bottom, piping hot stir-fry on top. What you don’t see is the pool of  broth, goop, sauce, whatever you want to call collecting at the bottom. It’s there to soften your noodles for eating. To eat it, is tricky. The noodles come out crispy and crunchy and if you’ve never eaten it before, it can become a hot mess quick. The trick is to start in the middle where most of the stir-fry has collected and using your chopsticks/fork dig from the bottom up to pull all the soft noodles below up. It’s hard to explain but once you get the rhythm down, and are able to have an even mix of crispy and soft noodles, it’s heaven in your mouth.

At Kim Son Cafe, this dish is I think 12.95 or so and at the most feeds 2 people. If you were to go to chinatown and get this dish, it would be about a dollar or so more  and “family size” – feeds about 3-4 people.

So I gave mi xao don more than enough attention but it was rightfully deserved. I realize this post is about Kim Son Cafe but who cares. The glory of mi xao don must be said I think.

Anywho, RSP got Peking Duck. The thing about both of our dishes you’ll notice is that they’re typical staples when going out for “family style” meals. Family style is wonderful and all, great conversation, great food, but the portions are never quite enough because you have to share. In other words, we got to be a little selfish.

Peking Duck
Peking Duck for 1

This dish was surprisingly delicious as well. Crispy skin, big portions of duck meat with hints of star anise seasoning on it as well as the hoisin sauce. It also comes with freshly steamed buns.

I’m a stickler about reheating food. I want to say this dish was reheated but I could be wrong. I do know it had dry parts that are typical in corners of meat when it’s been reheated, that and on the drumstick. Never the less it was quite filling and though I declined, RSP made me take a bite and I’m glad I did.

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