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I had to get my thoughts down in writing before I forget; I had fully decided to drop this blog as I hadn’t done much for a while now. After getting married, and life being thrown at me for real – new kid, new husband, new in-laws + life messiness – I just got too bogged down to even find time to blog.

And seriousnessly we’d settled into all old married couple mode fast – eating the same thing, doing the same routine- It’s the fairy tale ending ya’ll!  But because of all this seriousness,  we hadn’t ventured into new territory in a while so I didn’t’ feel compelled to write about the same old stuff. Y’all don’t want to hear that amiright!?

Well, that’s all about to change. Seriousnessly. HA! Not even a word but I love saying it. Rolls off the tongue.

I’d heard the whisperings, well I should say I started off seeing a sign, “food truck park” (FTP)  right by my office on Hwy 6 and Memorial a few weeks ago and didn’t believe it. To be honest, and not rude in anyway, the sign looked dilapidated and used up like it was a sign from the early 90’s with its colorful flags hanging above to get your attention. I thought it was something I might have missed out on already. You know the “died before you could catch on” type places.

A few weeks later though it just so happened I got my daily email from Houston Business Journal (Yes I get a daily email) and low and behold a few weeks after I saw the sign (sing it with me now: and I opened up my eyes and I am happy now!! Love me some Ace of Base) they’d written an article confirming it. So did Culture Map, btw.


A nicer photoshopped version of the sign.

So the lowdown was that they wouldn’t’ be open until Nov.2nd  according to both articles, however, a coworker of mine told me Monday that he’d walked down there. He told me that he could conveniently see the FTP from his window (that lucky bastard) and saw that there was food trucks out there so he went to check it out. Later that day he mentioned it to me and I was like minion voice whhaaaaaa!!! So yea I made a date w/some other coworkers to get check it out ASAP, which happened to be today. An. Hour. Ago. We are literally 5 minutes walking into suicidal traffic on Hwy 6 distance from the FTP, why not ya know?

And a way we go. 

I was kind of disappointed there wasn’t the more popular ones out there like Chi’lantro or Bernie’s Burger Bus (shoutouts!) so we had to try what was there, I mean we risked our lives didn’t we!? And so of the two that weren’t desserts and were out there at 1140am, The Golden Grill and Taco Nuts, I settled for the latter. My goal going to the food truck park was to get some dirty tacos, known to everyone else as “street tacos”. Don’t sugar coats it, they’re made inside a truck w/a sweaty hipster overcharging your ass for 3 miniscule tacos, they dirty. I got 1 order. Ha!

street tacos

It was 1 taco for 5 bucks or 3 tacos for 10 bucks. I originally thought just 1 taco but smart me, I asked to see what it looked like and chose the 3 for 10. So tiny.


I don’t know why but I started, facing me: right to left instead of normal left to right. I think bc that one looked more appetizing at the time, I can’t remember I scared those suckers down quick.

I have to say I was thoroughly impressed with what I had. I hate that they give you 2 corn tortillas but since 1. They’re small and 2. Packed with innards (is that a word?) because they’re so small, the 2 corn tortillas are obligatory.

My first one was the “Dr. Pepper brisket” with other stuff. I was very satisfied with that one, that one alone satisfied my dirty taco craving. You can taste the brisket and it was nicely done, thinly shredded and didn’t stick all in your teeth. Same goes for the pork carnitas. The tacos are tiny for sure but even though it doesn’t look like it, they were really filling.  The second one was a Pork Carnitas filling and was very similar to Torchy’s Tacos or Chipotle’s recipe, so to me, muy bueno. The small bits of pork skin, or chicharones – love that word, again, rolls off the tongue mmhmm.- was a really nice touch that added a happy crunch.

The third one though killed it for me. It was a chicken bits, dark or white meat I couldn’t tell ya but I do know, the chicken was too sweet. I’m not down with sweet when it should probably be savory. I mean, some people can do it right and I’ll venture to try but still I prefer savory over sweet, especially on my meats.

I have a really bad case of OCD some would say and well I’m kind of upset in the order I went. I like to save the best for last and in this case, I ate the best first which left the worst for last and that was just not cool. Damn it.

So, after all is said and done, I still killed it, though in my last two tacos I didn’t eat the extra tortilla.  I’d have to say my final verdict on Taco Nuts –IF it’s out there and there’s nothing else better I’d go back but not for the chicken taco.

done son


*Post Edit* This blog was originally supposed to be a post-lunch review, however it  is being posted at 645pm because at 1pm  our internet went down. And never came back up. dun-dun-dunnnnnn!!!!


Apparently this food truck park closed down quite a while ago, however I just found out recently after driving by it. I got this off their facebook page and haven’t seen a post since about the park

myfood truck

3 thoughts on “My Food Park HTX

  1. Thank you so much for written this Blog. It was quite entertaining. :)) wed-fri are great days to come out. As that’s when the “big boys” come out although Bernie’s comes on mon and wed and chilantro every Tuesday. Follow us of FB or twitter and we post the sched every morning :)) Happy Fooding :)) Liz Hale Owner My Food Park HTX. BTW THANKS FOR RISKING YOU LIFE FOR LIL OL US :>

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