Man favorite parts of my childhood was digging in my various cousins freezers and finding quick microwavable lunches, snacks, dinners, etc. I had the oddest craving lately for frozen food and went on a frenzy buying up a bunch of frozen dinners. They are the most unhealthiest, least nutritious, bloat inducing (from all the salt), mushiest meals you ever got your hands on in 5 mins or less. Boy I loved them!

Delicioso Buuhhhreeetttoooeee!
Delicioso Buuhhhreeetttoooeee!

Remember this!? Ha! I went to HEB the other day and was so happy to see they had the frozen burritos – 3 for a buck! craziness! On another note, I saw there were burritos in a box I believe 12 for like $5.88 made me wish I was 10 years old all over again with a high metabolism.
No one at the house will eat them which is better for me!!!! Man these really bring me back to the 90’s. omg did I just say that?! Good lord.


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