50 Wing Special

Weekend Round Up 11/13/15-11/15/15

I’d been telling RSP that we needed to go out to eat more often so I could keep this blog running. I didn’t want to start getting into fashion, or home decor, or makeup, things I notice other bloggers do when they run out of material.  Bloggers will start to veer from their original agenda, some turn out to be quite successful, even churning out tv shows, books, etc. Me, I just like to eat. Eating makes me happy, trying new things, or rediscovering old things, that’s what gets me going.

This weekend was no different, we ate a lot of oldies, but also tried something purely new and will happily churn into our weekend routines when we’re having a craving.

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Review – Seoul House Korean Restaurant

My MIL is very into Korean Movies, translated for her in Vietnamese. She’s literally obsessed with these movies and talks about them all the time. We know when she’s really into them when she sits really quiet on the couch and starts craving Korean Food.

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Final Outcome

First Timer’s Bun Bo Hue

Nothing is better than the praises of your newly minted family and their enjoyment when they eat a dish you know you’re nervous about making. In this case, the very tedious Bun Bo Hue dish that I’d been talking about making for a while now and had finally gotten the balls to execute.

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Raising Canes Kids

Raising Canes for Lunch

It’s one of those days. Kind hazy out, Houston’s getting some crazy humidity lately, with the promise of a  slight cold front this weekend. I’m sitting in my office realizing suddenly, Hey! I have nothing that needs to be done super right away! And look at that?! No lunch and learns and no one badgering me about something! I’m getting outta here! So I leave the office for a change.

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